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When the British Egg Marketing Board launched the ‘Go to Work on an Egg' ads, no-one could have anticipated just how famous they would become.  Watch the ads and find out for yourself.

The ads starred Tony Hancock, the legendary comedian, and the ‘Go to work on an egg’ slogan is attributed to Fay Weldon, although she claims she was just the manager of the team who created the famous line.

Tony Hancock is probably most famous for Hancock's Half Hour which first aired on the radio in November 1954, becoming a British institution for almost two decades.

Set in 23 Railway Cuttings, East Cheam, it followed the adventures of those who lived in one of the most famous fictional streets in Britain. Hancock led a notable cast, including Sid James, Hattie Jacques and Kenneth Williams.  By 1956, the series had become so successful it transferred to TV and the British sitcom was born. The radio show continued to run concurrently with the television version until 1959.

You can now see Hancock in action, along with Patricia Hayes and Pat Coombs - eight of the ads from the original Go to Work on an Egg campaign are available to view.

Introducing the Housekeeper

Sold his Soul

Burst Pipe


Electricity Bill

The Average Englishman

Who's the Star



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