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Go to Work on an Egg


It was a straightforward piece of advice which appeared to do a generation of Britons no harm at all.

But the classic advertising slogan 'Go to Work on an Egg' is far too dangerous for modern-day audiences, it seems and the advertising watchdogs, the BACC, has banned the ads, claiming they fails to promote a varied and balanced diet.

We had wanted to rerun the 1960s television adverts, starring Tony Hancock, to mark the 50th anniversary of the British Lion mark.  But the BACC has blocked it on the grounds that eating an egg for breakfast every day does not constitute a healthy diet.

Fay Weldon, who helped coin the famous slogan as a young advertising executive had this to say: "I think the ruling is absurd. We seem to have been tainted by all the health and safety laws. Eggs were enormously healthy compared to what people were eating in the 1950s and a great form of protein.

"If they are going to ban egg adverts, then I think they should ban all car adverts because cars really are dangerous - and bad for the environment."

We think it's a shame the BACC decided the adverts do not comply with the broadcast advertising code.

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